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Cafe Konditorei Hutter


Cozying Up for Breakfast at Café Konditorei Hutter, Klagenfurt

Cafe Konditorei Hutter Klagenfurt

This morning after we dropped J off at Kinderverkstadt we treated ourselves to some Austrian frühstück (breakfast).

Café Konditorei Hutter is a wonderful place to soak up a bit of the Klagenfurt atmosphere, with many locals preferring its comfy seats, friendly service and yummy food. We loved the curved, cushioned bench seats, tasteful decoration with a hint of classic elegance, and ambient lighting. They have complimentary magazines and newspapers which is a nice touch.

Klagenfurt Cafe Konditorei Hutter great ambiance

For breakfast they have a number of set menus - from simple semmel bread with butter, marmalade and a cup of coffee, to bread with a selection of cheese and ham accompanied with a glass of prosecco.

Klagenfurt Cafe Konditorei Hutter    Klagenfurt Cafe Konditorei Hutter

We opted for some slices of baguette with different toppings of smoked salmon and roe, salami with pickled onion and gherkin, and egg salad. They were delicious! The ‘kappucine’ they serve here has its own signature - a very generous serving of fresh cream on the top – it’s heavenly!

The service was great. The waitress saw that even though we had finished our meal, we were having a good time chatting and soaking up the ambiance, and she politely only came later to ask for payment. Top marks for service!

Our meal cost about 12 euros.

This is one of the best cafes in Klagenfurt, and we’ll definitely be going back for more breakfasts and snacking!

Café Konditorei Hutter is found on Alter Platz, away from the clock tower, closer to the Bennetton Shop end.

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